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Landscaping is where we meet nature half way.

-Marina Maitland

Outdoor Design is a landscaping company in the Simcoe County area.

Our team specializes in hardscape, softscape, planters, maintenance, lighting, and now lawn care. 

Owner Marina Maitland has been designing and implementing beautiful landscapes since 1998.

Let us help you create a timeless outdoor paradise.

Why Choose Outdoor Design

Is landscape an investment?

Without question.

A well landscaped property is naturally appealing

each and every time it is viewed by you and your guests.

Hiring a landscape designer ensures a landscape unique to you. Determining project priorities, how well an area functions, privacy, discovering your personal tastes - among many other facets - are the advantages of hiring a competent designer.

Our company has worked over 20 years with no advertising. We are grateful to our loyal clients who have inspired our expansion.

Whether a new project, rejuvenation or maintenance – we look forward to meeting you!

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